I have been a dog person sence i was a little girl. For years i tried to speak my parents to take a dog for us but with no luck. As long as we live in a block of flats we are not getting a dog they said. Finally we moved to a one-family house and when a friend of mine told their acquaintance's golden retriever accidentally had a litter in 1992, we finally got a puppy!

Bella was everything but the dog my parents originally had planned for us. Small and purebred dog changed to a big and furry coctail of golden retriever and something unknown. Bella looked very much like a golden, and that was one of the biggest criterias when i choose my pup (yeh, i know, really smart...). I wanted to have a purebred dog so much, that my pup had to look like it, and i wouldnt even have a look at her black/brown sisters to wich my father laid his eyes on. Bella's temperament on the other hand came from the unknown sire. She was really stubborn and run off from our yard continuesly. Not the easiest to train for a first dog! When Bella was about a year old, she turned to be gunshy wich in her case ment mainly the fireworks in new year. That remained threw her life and finally it got so worse that she was afraid of the normal sounds at home and got really bad panic attacks. I watched her panicing everyday for two weeks, and at that point i decided that now its time for her to go to a place where she doesent need to be afraid anymore. Bella was euthanaised in may 2001 being 8,5 years old.

I have always been very interested on dogshows and i was hoping to get a purebred dog to go to shows with. I especially liked all big breeds, the bigger the better! Unfortunately my parents didn't agree with me, no cow sized dog will ever come to our house they said. So destiny came and put me to Finnish hound organisation as a trainee. That's where i met Jaana (Leppiaho) who got me interested on Cavalier king charles spaniels.

Jaana had a two year old male searching for a new active home. With somekind of a miracle i spoke my parents over to let me take that boy for us, so in christmas 1996 i had my first Cavalier boy FIN & SWE CH Jablen Knight Joker, "Jokeri". Dog shows and agility came very femiliar to me, and when Jokeri became champion i had to have a new pup for shows... Jokeri was such typical Cavalier, always into everything. He had this strong will to "talk" all the time and in every situtation. That was the most irritating feature in him, he was continuesly barking! When we went to a show, everybody could here in wich box was Jokeri being pulled forward. Eventhough he knew how to be a real pain in the ass sometimes, he sure was the most charming personality still. I liked doing things with him, as he was always ready to do everything and forgave me my mistakes. Jokeri had a heart murmur at the age of 8, and becouse of that he was euthanased in the summer 2004.

In the end of the year 1997 i had my second blenheim Cavalier boy FIN & SWE CH Jablen Senator, "Nuutti". My parents didn't gave me their promise to take a new dog before i promised to get new homes for my two rabbits. Nuutti was a real problem child. How can it be possible for that small dog to do such big disaster! Nuutti had bad anxiety when he was left alone and distroyed everything possible like remotes, pens, my father lost three pare of eyeglasses and so on. Finally we got all the problems solved and Nuutti became a real gentleman who had the eye for girls. After puberty Nuutti's world filled with beautiful girls and becouse of those he could drop out an agility course, or go and see a nice girl next to him on down stay in an obedience test (and ofcourse after cheking the next girl he went back to his own place to lie still for the rest of the time). Nuutti was really easy to train, but i didnt take him to trials much becouse of that "head in the clouds" thing. Nuutti got 184 points in a temperament test. In the fall 2003 Nuutti moved to Sweden at the age of 6. He had a heart murmur in the age of seven. He got four litters in Finland and few litters in Sweden too.

1999 Jaana had a litter of only one ruby boy. My parents have said to me very strictly that there won't be any more animals coming to our house (beside dogs we also had a cat, rats and fishes). I couldn't just take a new puppy so i told them that FIN & SWE CH Jablen Xebastian only came for us to be "trained". After Xebastian had been with us for two months, my parents just said "it seems that dog is not going anywhere". There can not exist an easier dog than Xebastian! He absolutely worshipped me and if i had told him to go to the moon, he would have found a way to do it. I was so suprised when we went to the temperament test and he got 240 points! Not many rottweilers or dobes get that much points so this really was a suprise. He wasnt' afraid of anything. He was always ahead of me as far as the lead let him go, and when a scary bogey "attacked" us, he was there to figh him to save me. When he saw the bogey was only a doll, he calmly peed on it. When the judge "attacked" on us he was defending me with everything he got, but right that second when the judge stopped attacking and was friendly Xebastian was there with his wagging tail to give kisses. To get another dog with this amazing temperament would really be like winning in a lottery. Xebastian enjoyed doing agility and we competet in the highest class. We would have only needed one win to gain Agility champion title, but unfortunately Xebastian had a heart murmur already at the age of five and that slowed him down alot. In 2005 Xebastian went to live as a pet with a wonderful woman who loved him as much as i did. He lived to be 9 years old before he was euthaniesed cause he couldnt see anymore and lost his will to live.

I had been wishing to get a tricolour Cavalier boy for a long time and that wish came true in the spring 2000 when i got FIN & NORWEGIAN CH Jablen Azzarro, "Zorro". Zorro was the only tricolour boy in the litter and i choose him right after he was born just becouse of his colour... Yeh, i really have choosen a pup after it's colour! Never it crossed my mind that he couldn't be good enough from he's other qualities and a nice boy he turned out to be. Zorro was much lighter male than Jokeri and Xebastian and when he moved it looked like a butterfly would have been flying. Zorro was really soft in temperament and a real mama's boy. I had some difficulties learning how to handle him as i was used to much more stubbern individuals. Zorro also wasn't the brightest guy, so he had a nickname Goof. I really had to work with him as a pup to get more confidence for him. Another dog attacked him as a pup and it took time to get him to trust to other dogs and strange people. In time he did get more confidence and i took him to agility. I wasnt't really thinking on competing in agility with him as he didnt have that much enthusiasment for it like Jokeri and Xebastian, but we did compete few times. In the spring 2005 Zorro moved to Sweden as a stud dog. He has three litters in Finland and few in Sweden too.

In the spring 2000 we took the cavaliers to a show with Jaana and she had booked us a overnight stay from curlycamp. That was the first time I saw that many Curly Coated Retrievers and i fell in love with the breed immediately. Couple of days after i heard that there was an eight months old liver male looking for a new home. I went to see him and came back home with my first curly Curlicue's Play With Joy,"Pentti". He opened my heart for the retriever world. He was very open, kind and a very energetic boy. I remember teaching him how to swim correctly as he wasn't using his hindlegs at all at first. He was quick to learn and i felt so great when i saw him swimming like a dog should. I had jumped into the water with all my clothes on to help him, and when he swam correctly after that, wOW! I remember beeing so happy that day. We got to experience many things in a short time. We did agility and obedience and tried the cold game working test for three times but our cooperation wasnt yet good enough to pass that. Unfortunately our time togerther was too short as only four moths after i got him, i had to make the most difficult decision of my life and took him to euthanasia becouse of epilepsy.

Pentti left a big hole in our home and I wanted a new curly to fill it. After six months of waiting I heard that I would have a change on getting a bitch puppy from England. I thought how am I going to cope with a bitch as the house was full of males, but I decided to take the pup. C.I.E IE & NORWEGIAN CH CelticW-07 Springcurl Keepthefaith, "Kaneli" was to become the foundation bitch for Cimramin curlies. Kaneli was a very calm puppy, but quite a terror while left alone. She specialised on spreading the carbage all over the house after getting it out from the closet. Sometimes it feels she has given that quality for her offspring too... Kaneli is very outgoing and happy girl who knows what she wants, and when she wants, she gets. She knows how to put people around her paws.

In the summer of 2001 I took another curly bitch too. FIN CH Curlicue's Rosy Memory, "Rosi" was a year old bitch when she came to us. She was a wonderful retriever and with her I got to go to the cold game field trials for the first time. She was always ready for action and had such lot will to please. She was the first retriever I handled to pass the working test and when we got a second prize from field trials for the first time, my head was in the clouds! It is just so great to see you have accomplished something like that with your training. At this point there was no return, retrievers had come to stay. Unfortunately Rosi had bad hips and they started to trouble her when she finally got the mass to her body after two years of age. Six moths I worked with myself to be able to make the final decision and in the summer 2003 Rosi went hunting where there is no pain.

I had never planned on taking a labrador, but so it happened that in the summer 2002 a yellow labrador male Tawastway's Hot Shot, "Winston" came to our house. Winston was eight months old at that time and grown with no boundries at all. Our first year together was one single fight over leadership. I still have his tooth marks on my hand as memory of the days we really tested who's the boss in our family. Must say I would never had the strength to do all that again! But it all turned out well, as after a year I had a completly different dog in my hands. Winston was my type of dog. He had such will to do things all the time and he was also so hard headed that he didn't mind if I had to correct him while training, he forgot all bad things in a second and was ready to please again with his tail wagging like crazy. I quess it all went on too smoothly and bad luck came again on summer 2004... Just as I had gotten our cooperation to work and make some nice results in trials, Winston got a very bad fit while we were walking in the woods and he died before we got to the vet. The time was difficult and there wasn't possibility to do a post mortem, so the reason for his death remains a mystery. Winston was less than three years old.

2002 I got my prefix Cimramin and the first curly litter (the C-litter) was born in 2004. From that litter I kept a black bitch
C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO CH SE SH CH TK1 TK2 Cimramin Cranberry, "Muru". As I was choosing my pup from that litter, it had to have potential to become a good training companion. For a long time I was going to keep Cimramin Chervil and that's the reason that puppy got that name when they were tattooed. Chervil was the name I wanted for my puppy and Cranberry was the last name on my favourites. When the pups were six weeks old, Jaana came to see them. She said straight to me that, why are you keeping this when that other one is much better! I had noticed too that Cranberry was looking better at that point, but I was going to keep my decision based on character and temperament. Well, those two girls had been very even with their temperaments all the time and by the end of that day I changed my mind and kept Cranberry girl. I haven't regret that decision at all! So thanks for Jaana for making me change my mind that day! =) Muru really is something and a real multi purpose dog! She can be a very curly one too, and if she feels she's been mistreated, you'll notice it! I think it comes from her mom...

In the spring 2005 I leashed a liver curly bitch from England. At the same time C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO & IE CH SE SH CH Springcurl Agneta, "Tia" came to Finland, Kaneli went back to England to her breeder to be shown and to have a litter there. In the first summer we went to lot of shows with Tia, and she gained quite few titles to her name. In the spring 2006 Tia had Cimramin D-litter and right after the maternity duties she passed the Finnish working test before going back to England in july 2006. Thank you so much Lyn for letting me have this gorgeus bitch here for a while!

In the fall 2005 I imported two pups. A black male C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO & SE CH TK2 BH Softmaple Cimramin Jorneyman, "Denzel" from the US and a liver bitch C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO CH SE SH CH JW-06 Springcurl Persuasion, "Yaya" from Kaneli's litter in England.
I wanted some new blood to my breeding in Denzel and I got so much more! Denzel turned out to be a really active curly boy and a superb training companion. I have been so pleased with my choice, I couldn't wish for more.
The decision on taking Yaya wasn't that easy to make. I really wanted to have a pup from Kaneli's litter but at the same time I wondered how would i cope with two pups as Denzel was only six months older than Yaya. Finally I decided to take the pup. At first, it was supposed to be a black bitch coming to me, but only a while before the pup needed to be vaccinated for her journey Lyn called me and said she was thinking if the black bitch is the best for me. She send me pictures of two pups and after a while of descussion about them, we both agreed that it would be the liver bitch coming to me. Yaya was much slower to mature mentally than Denzel so I consentrated on training Denzel more. After Yaya turned two years, I have started to train more with her and that seems to have been a good solution.

In 2006 I got the first Cimramin Champions when littersisters C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO CH SE SH CH TK1 TK2 Cimramin Cranberry and C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO CH SE SH CH TK1 Cimramin Choko both gained four titles at the same year.

At that same year, in the fall 2006 I imported a liver male from Sweden. Vilsan's Unik, "Unto" was five months at that time. I was very interested of the New Zealand lines in his pedigree. We went to Sweden with my friend Sini to see Unto and decided to take him eventhough he's badly overshot. In this dog you find more speed than in any other dog! He absolutely loves to retrieve and get's overheatet easily when knowing he get's to work soon. That has been the main problem why Sini hasn't got him to pass the working test. He get's too excited and overheated and forgets that he needs to be cooperating with his handler. Lots of progress has happend with this and he'll pass the test at some point, I'm sure of that! Unto is owned by me and Sini Tuokila and he lives with Sini.

In june 2007 Kaneli finally got back home from her two years of England trip. At that point she was already six weeks in whelp and in July she had Cimramin E-litter.

In January 2008 I imported another black male, this time from Australia. Curltriever Most Wanted, "Damme" was to be owned in partnership with my friend Kirsi. I thought Damme has a really interesting pedigree and after seeing a picture of him I knew he would have those things I wanted: lots of bone and size. So Damme flew a long trip from Australias heat to Finland's subzero weather. Damme was a really nice boy, lots of enthusiasment, keen on birds and full of will to work. Unfortunately he started to have problems by staying home alone when he turn one year old and after this we got to know with Damme's Mr. Hyde side. We tried everything possible to get him over these problems, but finally we had to make the decicion and euthanies Damme in the fall 2009.

In 2008 two more Cimramin Champions were made: littersisters C.I.E RU JCH RU & BG & MK & BY & LV CH Cimramin Desibeli and C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO CH SE SH CH Cimramin Dilemma and in 2009 C.I.E Cimramin Capricious.

Next litter was born in the spring 2009. Yaya got ten puppies by frozen semen A.I to the F-litter. I waited so much for this litter, as I had decided to keep a bitch to be my new trial dog and my expectations were very high. I kept a liver bitch, Cimramin Faramalla. Keeyah seems to be all that I wished for. After Cimramin Franconia, Fara came back to me quite soon after leaving to her new home it was obvious that she was going to stay with us from that moment. Unfortunately Fara started to have epileptic seazures in a very young age and in the spring 2010 those fits already came with only a very short period of time between them . I was forced to make a very difficult decicion again to let Fara sleep her peaceful sleep by euthanasia.

In april 2010 history was made as I was able to have a very successful double mating litter. Cimramin Ernestina had eight puppies from wich four G-litter pups were sired by FI CH Curlicue's Winnie The Pooh and the other four H-litter pups were sired by C.I.B NORDIC & FI & NO & SE CH TK1 BH Softmaple Cimramin Jorneyman. From the H-litter, I kept Cimramin Haluaa Toimia, Morgan at home.

2010 I also got a new champion to my kennel when C.I.B FI CH Cimramin Estefania got her title. Her brother C.I.B POHJ & FI & NO & SE(n) MVA Cimramin Enrique got his titles next year, 2011.

Yaya's last litter was born 2012. I-litter saw dayligth only one day later than the F-litter three yeas earlier. In the same summer there were three dogs to get their titles: C.I.B FI & SE(n) MVA Cimramin Fontana, FI & SE(n) MVA Cimramin Himouimari and FI & SE(n) MVA Cimramin Haluaa Toimia.

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